FXCM not compatible

Please explain why when I I already have an existing FXCM-us account and attempt to set a system to autotrade with my FXCM-us account that I get an account incompatible error message with a link to send an email help@collective2.com to have the account enabled for autotrade. That auto generated email captures the account number. I then get back a generic auto - reply email saying among other things please provide the account number and the issue will be taken care of shortly. I reply stating that the account information was already provided and provide the account information again. Almost 24 hours later I get another scripted response stating that "I have contacted the FXCM introducing broker for your region. One of my colleagues will contact you shortly". I dont need an introducing broker. I already have an account with FXCM. None of this process is described in any of the videos or descriptions of setting up auto trading. It has now been over a day trying to set up auto trading described as being a short quick process.

Hi, Carcajou:

I have written you a private email answering some of your questions, and telling you how we hope to get your FXCM account autotrading shortly.