Gainers This Month

The C2 trading system called “Monthly Income” is incorrectly listed as the biggest gainer this month due to a huge “winning” trade made on Saint Patrick’s day. On 3/17 the system shorted 5 e-mini S&P 500 contracts and made nearly …a quarter of a million INSTANTLY!

I bet Gordon Gekko must still be fuming with jealousy:-)

The system "Monthly Income" is STILL incorrectly listed not only as the biggest gainer of the month but also as the biggest gainer of this quarter, thanks to an imaginary and instant "winning" trade of nearly $250.000 made on 3/17.

And since there are only 15 biggest gainers systems (maximum) listed on the page, that means that the "Monthly Income" system is unfairly preventing another GENUINE biggest gainer from showing up on C2 main page, whatever that system may be.

Thanks for fixing the problem Matthew.

Now let’s see how the British Pound is going to react to the (GBP) GfK Consumer Confidence Survey, due in 20 minutes…