Gen1 vs Gen3

Matthew & others,

In terms of pure reliability is there any advantage in using gen3 vs gen1?

Currently I use gen1 with TB/TWS but sometimes experience problems. Either connectivity or wrong number of contracts and so forth…

Do people have any experience in slippage with Futures using gen1 vs gen3?



From a technology perspective: Gen3 is server based, has built in position and signal synchronization, allows manual control over positions (closing and opening early, setting your own stops and limits), and has lower latency (i.e. is faster).

Hi Matt,

I was under the impression that Gen3 auto-trading will resynchronize your positions daily. And, that if you modify your position(s) in the destination account, the Gen3 autotrading setup will become automatically disabled.

Did I misread this somewhere? :slight_smile:

Or, in other words, where/how can I modify an auto-trade position?

In this regard, I really appreciate the autotrade functionality/control at ThinkOrSwim. In comparison, they allow one to designate the # of contracts/shares in control of auto-trading, letting you freely trade the rest of the account the way you please (or take over part or all of an existing auto-traded position). This is something to keep in mind with ideas for C2’s AutoTrade future functionality.



Matt, thanks for your reply.

Could you comment on the drivers or lower latency for ge3 vs gen1?

What makes it faster?



Regarding Gen3 AutoTrading: Position synchronization (and signal synchronization) happen all day, every day (not just at the end of the day).

Regarding your question how to modify an autotrade-generated position:

You can modify your trade quantities, add stops and limits to already open positions (or modify the autotrade-created stops or limits), even exit positions early, etc., by pulling down the AUTOTRADE menu (top menu bar) and selecting OPEN POSITIONS. This lets you manage your autotrading open positions, and to carry out all the changes I describe above.

Matt, could you also quickly answer this? Thanks…

"Could you comment on the drivers of lower latency for ge3 vs gen1?

What makes it faster? "

I guess that it’s because:


C2 —> User —> Broker


C2 —> Broker

One less step. Plus User generally has a consumer-level connection, while C2 and Broker have datacenters with backbone connections and such. User could also be anywhere in the world.

There is also a software architecture difference – the difference between periodic polling of the server by the client software (albeit relatively fast: once every few seconds) versus an always-on direct socket connection between two servers.

In most cases it won’t matter. In cases where you hope to scalp or make fast trades, you’ll probably achieve better results with a faster architecture.