Gen3 Autotrading

Would be grateful if C2 can tell us how much time it takes - on average - for Gen3 autotrading to execute signals , and what about Gen1 ?

Thanks .

Gen3: 1 second or less.
Gen1: 7 seconds on average.

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One second is good , thanks .

does Interactive Brokers supports Gen 3 auto trading?

The answere is YES. Check this link:

" Interactive Brokers. USA Customers who want to use Gen3 AutoTrade technology can trade futures only. If you are a USA customer and want to trade other instrument classes, you can use Gen1 AutoTrade technology to trade stocks, futures, and forex through Interactive Brokers. Non-USA customers can use Gen3 technology to trade stocks, options, and futures through Interactive Brokers. "

I’m embarrassed to tell you that the information you quoted from the C2 Web site is very much out of date. (My fault, of course; not yours.)

The correct answer is that our Generation3 server-based AutoTrading now fully supports Interactive Brokers – for all instruments. In other words, if you have an account at Interactive Brokers, you can AutoTrade anything: stocks, options, futures, forex. No need to run any software on your computer.

No special account configuration is needed: just type in your Interactive Brokers (IB) account number (or apply for a new one) and you’ll be good to go.

And best of all: because IB is a C2-Preferred Broker, the AutoTrading fee is a flat $99 per month – with no per-trade charges, no matter how much you trade, no matter what size your account.

I’ll update the C2 Web site to reflect this new information shortly.



Thanks Matthew!

This is really good news for investors and providers too.