Gold traders on c2

Ok question…answer as you feel, who are the best, most consistent gold traders on c2?

Every system had home-run in last few weeks because Gold was going up day in day out, once market gets tough we will know, watch and see.

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+1^ MunawarAbadullah

My advise is to be cautious when getting involved with ANY system when the underlying contract being traded is on a tear in either direction.

Trading is a risky business, proceed with caution:)

Hello charles_roscoe,

I don’t know many Gold traders, however, I have been trading Gold for 7 years. My strategy has been consistent through the years.

I began publishing on C2 approx. 1 year ago.

In this link you can see my results.

Juan Osorio

Wugot only trade Gold and it has been a while. We may be new at C2, but we are not new into trading at all. In less than 4 months, we have reached as predicted the 100% profit. We have doubled the $50000 starting amount. We have high win ratio and great cumulative profit. We have over 100 trades and we win over 90% of them. Weare among the top 5 systems with over 100 trades and that can keep 90% win ratio.Our Draw own percentage 15.6% is among the lowest of c2 system with over such many trades and such high win ratio.
We will not stay that we have the best systems. That does not make any sense to us. We love all the traders. We can only say, our system works, it is great and the results can speak for themselves. Either you like Wugot or not. Wugot is a blessing for many and will continue to be a blessing for many others. Our price is very affordable as well.

Thanks for all of you who love us or hate us.

lejeune Bauvil for Wugot strategy.