Wugot strategy is getting close to its 3 months old

Wugot is getting close to its 3 months. We are 84 days old today and we are among the top system with over 90% win ratio. Only 5 systems on C2 has over 97 trades and can keep 90% win ratio.
Wugot has the lowest draw down among them all ( 15.6%).
We earned a total of 88% profit accumulated which is close to 30% average a month.
We do not guarantee profit.
You will always follow us at your own risks.
We greatly encourage you to copy our trades.
We have knowledge, discipline, and a good strategy.
We are very affordable, only $150 each month and no free trial.

I love all the other traders and wish best of luck to all of you at c2 trying to find a way to make great money.

Lejeune Bauvil, for Wugot Strategy.