Golden Oak, slowly but surely

Hello everyone.

I am starting to approach 1.5 years here on C2 so I finally feel it may be appropriate just to put my system out here on the forum to give it some more views. I haven’t felt it was appropriate without having a proper history length, unlike most people who seem to come advertise their “strategy” with 1-3 months of trading.

I trade only Forex. I have done so for about 12 years. This is my full time job and it is what I do. My trades are placed using Platform Transmit from my real money account. My “master” account is connected to C2 and maintains a near exact account value as the C2 model currently displays. Trades are copied exactly with exception of, something which I wish would change, that micro lots are not allowed on C2. So when I place a trade for 0.35 lots it translates to a 0.3 on C2. Not the most accurate.

I do not frequent these forums and given that after this amount of time that I am currently not ranked by C2’s algorithim I am not certain if I will stay here forever. I find it out that there are so many strategies with such little history that are ranked when in my opinion a long history of consistent results in extremely important. Regardless, feel free to check out my system and subscribe or simulate if you wish. I typically will send a half price 1 month offer to those who simulate so if your’e considering there is that option.

Will attempt to put a link below this line to my strategy.