Handling of DAY orders for forex strategies

I’m using Interactive Brokers which resets their forex “exchange” at 5pm every day and discards all orders with time-in-force DAY. However, C2 doesn’t have this behavior, which means the developer may be unaware that his clients are experiencing such issues. For example: [LINKSYSTEM_43883104]

Did you contact the vendor of HappyTrading ?

Yes, he’s switching to using GTC orders.

Daniel - That is actually going to make things worse because now when there are open GTC stop or limit orders when IB resets - and you can specify any time you want for reset - IB will show these GTC orders but after reset they were changed in a way that TradeBullet won’t recognize them and if the vendor subsequently cancels them TB won’t do that and you have to be on the watchout and cancel them manually. - Karl

Just use the new IB gateway, there is no need to reset anymore. It runs 24/7.

George - If you are using IB Gateway you are losing the visual interface of

TWS and if you are trading many systems like I do and want to monitor them and if necessary override some signals, that would be very cumbersome to do from the TB platform. - Karl

I created a second user for my account. So I’m able to run two TWS (on two machines) for the same account:


I just tried TB with the gateway, doen’t work. It’s a shame.

Good idea to create a second user for your IB account - one needs a second computer though.

You should be able to get TB running with IB Gaateway as long as you change the port number to the same as on TB.

I changed the port. But TB doesn’t recognize the gateway and starts the TWS.

You might have to play around with it for a while. I got it going once after several failed attempts.

I just found a way.

Start gateway. Start TWS with user edemo. Start TB, connect and then close the TWS with the edemo user. As I said before, It’s a shame.

Georg - You might be interested in reading the (somewhat lengthy) thread of July 9th: autotrading with InteractiveBrokers (IB). Viel Glueck - Karl

Thanks for the comments guys. My feedback:

The forex trading (i.e. the IDEALPRO exchange) is down in IB between 5pm and 5:15pm EST. This has nothing to do with the once-per-day required restart of TWS. You can verify this by seeing that there are no forex quotes during that time.