Help for auto trading in Australia

I live in Australia and all the auto trading brokers either require a passport number that i don’t have, or tell me to sign up with their Australian broker. Do these Australian brokers work with auto trading? eg.

Hi James,

Yes FXCM supports auto-trading signals from the Collective2 website. If you don’t have a passport a driver’s license or a non-driver’s ID will be enough to open an account with FXCM.

The list of all the brokers affiliated with Collective2 is here:

fxcm tells me to open an account with Will they work with auto trade?

Well one of my subscribers is auto-trading my system from Australia via FXCM so I guess the answer is yes.

Simply visit the website below, click on the little "Chat Now" window and ask them if FXCM Australia accepts trading signals from Collective2

Dear James,

Yes, there are Australian brokers who are set up for AutoTrading. As you mentioned, FXCM requires that you open an AutoTrading account through a Referring Broker whether it be here in the US or in Australia. I can refer you to a FXCM AU Referring Broker. Please send me an email at and I’ll assist you further.

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Trade Integration

But the broker is FXCM Australia Limited in this case (an operating subsidiary of FXCM Holdings, LLC), no? And since Collective2 is affiliated with FXCM there should be no problem I guess.

You need to go though a gen3 introducing broker for FXCM in Australia due to regulations there. Here is one:

Hi, are you able to tell me if there is a particular trading platform I would have to use with FXCM Australia to receive the AutoTrade data? FXCM could not tell me and instead directed me back here. Thanks. [LINKSYSTEM_56846842]

Since Collective2 AutoTrading is server-based (that is, our servers place your trades and manage your positions on your behalf) you won’t have to run any particular software or platform on your own computer. The only thing to keep in mind is that, when establishing an account at FXCM, you should not set up a “MetaTrader” account (since those accounts are not C2 compatible). I think that’s the only requirement to know.