Help! Matthew - I've messed up

Hi Matthew,

A while back I went to change the fees for the monthly fee option in my AutoTrader system: TrendSensor Forex (28493903)[LINKSYSTEM_28493903] - unfortunately I used the “Edit Details” link instead of the “Change sub pricing” one under the Admin tab.

When I realised my mistake I tried to fix it using “Change sub pricing”.

My free AutoTrader clients are still showing under the AutoTrader report, but under the Revenue Report they’ll all showing as about to be charged $48 for the monthly fee - so I guess they were bumped into that option, at least for a while, due to my error.

I was also signed up under AutoTrading and have been charged the $48 already.

Is it possible to:

1. confirm that all current subscribers are now back in the AutoTrading option (they appear to be based on the report), and

2. cancel/reverse the payments?

I’m a slow learner, but hopefully I’ll remember to use the right menu option in the future.

Sorry I botched it up, and thanks for your help.