Help needed with the completetrades block

I’m trying to similate the condition where the C2 reports a limit order has been filled, but the client did not get filled. According to the documentation, a <completetrades> block should be sent when C2 closes the position so that the client can cancel the pending limit order. I am unable to get this block to appear. Here are the steps I took:

1. Submitted a BTO limit order for 100 shares of SPY

2. Acknowledged the receipt of the signal (cmd=confirmsig)

3. Acknowledged that C2 filled the order (cmd=ackc2fill)

4. Submitted a STC market order for 100 shares of SPY

I received no indication that this closing trade took place. Any ideas?



Gary: If the STC filled, you should see the completetrades block. Can you give me the opening and closing signal ids? – I’ll take a look at the server logs to see what happened. You may want to email them to me. - MK