Hiding ALL trade data from non-subscribers

Is this possible? I want maintain privacy over a subset of trade strategies, and ex post facto publication of them (what typically happens after a trade is closed) would be something I’d like to avoid. Is this possible currently, or if not can it be made an option?

I’m fine with showing the system performance, and since it is validated by C2 folks would know that the results were from real trades placed using the system - they do not necessarily need to know exact stocks, amounts, dates, etc.



Hello Kevin,

As a potential subscriber, I believe that it is imperative that one should be able to see the trades that are made. You can always delay the history for a period of time. System performance does not tell all, how do I know that you are not trading small volume penny stocks? By the way, which of your Pangolin Systems are you even afraid that someone would try to abscond with any type of proprietary knowledge? Personally, I would try to undermine some of the better C2 systems.


As a subscriber I would agree with all of your points, but as a developer one needs to be more cautious. No developer here posts their selection rules or code since in a matter of weeks the system would be copied - what if the “secret sauce” were the stocks themselves?

In the new Pangolin Pair Trades system, the specific pairs traded are what I would prefer to keep only to subscribers - not because the trades are risky but because the effort put into identifying this specific set of pair trades was large, and after a few months clever folks here could review the closed trades and figure out exactly which pairs are traded and then easily replicate the system that others are paying for.

This request is as much to protect future subscribers as it is to protect my hard work in developing the system. While I believe that most people would not do this, some will. I also know that this will reduce the number of potential subscribers - maybe down to zero - but I think the benefit of keeping certain trade identities and frequencies confidential outweighs the loss of some subscriber revenue.

As to the characteristics of the specific stocks traded, they are all over $10/share and have a minimum trading volume of 100,000 shares per day - otherwise I won’t consider them as viable candidates.

Matt (or anyone else at C2) - can you confirm if this is possible?

Hi, Kevin -

I understand the appeal of this, but it’s not something I’m going to implement in the near future.

There are a couple of reasons:

1) Regulatory concern. Hiding trading records makes regulators more interested in peeking behind the curtains. As things stand now, I only have to spend, say, 50% of my life dealing with them. Under the “let’s hide all trades” model, it will be closer to 80%. (Numbers are estimates, but you get the idea.)

2) C2 Brand concern. C2 is built on transparency and openness. Hiding trade data works against that.

3) Not really valuable, anyway. This is the heart of the issue: Your trades will still be available to subscribers, anyway; so there’s no true net benefit of hiding from non-subs. For a subscription fee, people will have your trade data anyway. If your fear is someone deconstructing your algorithm, the fear is not addressed by hiding trade data, but it does incur the other two costs mentioned above.

Thanks for the clarification - not sure I like it, but I accept that it is what will be.