High Frequency Algo Observations

Good day, the performance of High Frequency Algo looks promising was wondering what others thoughts might be please ? Many thanks

I’ve been an investor of his for a couple months now and he does a great job. He does a hybrid of short term and longer term bets, and sometimes you’ll feel like the longer term bets aren’t working but he’s proven them out each time so far if you’re patient. He invests looking at order flow in the trade books on Level 2 vs trend or technical analysis. I’m really impressed with the strategy so far! As a trader he’s big outside of C2 as well, but C2 is the only place to auto trade his work vs take advice and trade on your own. This isn’t advice, just things I’ve learned messaging him and being a subscriber.


Good day, and very many thanks for your observations, useful, regards PJG


Thanks for the information and also thanks @PJ01 for the question.