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Highest performing but affordable strategies

Have a look at these strategies if you want profitable (but affordable) plays.

Many of the below rank in the top 10% of strategies on C2, and can be combined to create an excellent overall portfolio.

European Stock Basket- EUROPEAN STOCK BASKET

Nikkei Buy and Flat- NIKKEI BUY AND FLAT

Equity Basket Buy Sell- EQUITY BASKET BUY SELL

SP500 Trader- SP500 TRADER

Cambridge Futures: CAMBRIDGE FUTURES

Global Stock Basket- GLOBAL STOCK BASKET

Lrcfx and Equity Basket- LRCFX AND EQUITY BASKET

TPC Ftse tracker x 3- TPC FTSE TRACKER X 3


Thanks for your extensive work on researching the top strategies, but for some reason 7 of the 8 strategies are from the same trader - TraderTPP. By any chance are you related to him/her?

Given that anyone can do their own research in The Grid and that all the strategies are new (oldest one started in June 2020) and their DDs are quite normal, or even high in some cases (27%; 65,9%; 18,8%; 27,7%; 35,6%; 22,4%; 20%; 13,1%) I think this post is totally irrelevant!

As a curiosity please find below some facts about TraderTPP:

  • Created 33 strategies
  • 5 strategies with 100% DD
  • Average age strategy 165 days
  • Strategy age from 21 to 285 days
  • Average return -14,2%
  • Returns from -728,4% to 133,8%
  • I haven’t found a picture or a real name, which is quite useful in case you blow out a few subscribers’ accounts
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Joaquim, Thanks for your words.
I thought the idea of these forums was to be productive and assist each other. I may be in the wrong place.
Why shoot down strategies that are clearly very good, and use negative drawdowns on test accounts which hold ‘expired contracts on them’ as an example of a poor strategy.
Remind me not to post on your forum trying to give advice on how to entice investors. I was only trying to help. You don’t need to come on here and speak poorly of other strategies (when they’re very good).
Good luck.

@LCLARK23161710 You tried to promote these strategies, on my thread, without identifying yourself as the owner of the strategies. You make bold claims that are not supported by the facts. I don’t understand why you say I am shooting down strategies, because I only stated the statistics that are public on C2. Please delete your posts from my thread, or edit it leaving only your advice and deleting the promotional bit.


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From LCLARK23161710 profile:



“After working in Finance/Asset Management for 20 years, and making some great trades, and some very poor ones, I now utilise my experience to design trading strategies, risk mitigation tactics, and whole trading divisions for financial entities. My aim is to build ‘absolute’ portfolios that aim to perform regardless of the market climate. I’ll be the first to say, that performing in ‘all’ market climates is a very hard task, but by aiming to build a strategy that allows for this, provides you with the best opportunity to hold a portfolio that is diversified and robust. Throughout the year I would expect peaks and troughs, but year on year- I would expect my strategies to perform. Consider my multi market strategies as a mainstay of your portfolio.”

You probably had a stroke and from one moment to the other forgot what you learnt in the past 20 years, right? LOL :rofl:

This type of users give a bad reputation to C2 and C2 forums, and we are all impacted. I think C2 should be doing a bigger effort to eliminate false claims and people using more than one user account, like seems to be the case here


Have you got too much time on your hands?
Im sorry if I offended you by suggesting some strategies to look at. I was trying to help people.
The strategies I referenced were none from my profile. I hope you can see that now.
You can probably also see from the trading activity on my profile that I haven’t been trading them.
The strategies I referenced (and it’s another fact) are some of the best on C2.
If drawing peoples attention to that is a bad thing- again- I apologise. I’m not quite sure why it would offend, but it obviously has.
Take some time out, read the descriptions. They’re from different people and trading teams. I should know- I assisted them in getting on C2. Our company that designs strategies for asset managers in London ( , also have an excellent relationship with C2, and we help bring these strategies to C2.
Anyway, I will leave the facts- the strategies I referenced are excellent, people should look at them, and I hoped by drawing the attention to them on a forum would be a good thing. I maybe wrongly thought these forums were on here to help people.
In the future, I’ll let people find these strategies for themselves (they will do via the leaderboard), and I won’t try and assist you (my original mail on your forum).
Anyway, good luck for the future, and I mean that.


I am sorry to insist, but you are distorting the facts! These are not some of the best strategies on C2 - full stop! For the first time you admitted that this is not an independent research but, in fact, all these strategies are linked to you! Or to your company incorporated in 21/11/2019 (source: Companies House Company number: 12327831). The only strategy that you recommend that is not owned by TraderTPP is owned by LexiClarck. I might be crazy, but I see some resemblance between LexiClarck and LCLARCK23161710. Have you also noticed the resemblance between your user name and the strategy named “LRCFX and Equity Basket”? Might this be a case of the same person using 3 different C2 accounts? This is surely something that should be investigated by @MatthewKlein

In fact, the best TraderTPP strategy is #16 (C2 Ranking) and the worst is #646!

The Top100 strategies close with a score of 868 (March 17 @13:50CET) and only 9 out of the 15 TraderTPP strategies have more than that score!

I am not saying that these strategies are bad. I am just saying that you should not be lying about who you are and promote strategies with false claims.

Anyway delete your post on my thread and you will never hear from me again.

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If deleting a post will rid me of these messages, let me do that.
I’ll just let the facts speak for themselves.
Good luck.

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What makes something ‘highest performing’? Is there a formula you used, eg risk-adjusted returns divided by fees? An outsider viewing this thread will tend to have to agree with Joaquim, as do I, because he has presented an objective, fact based analysis. You would have to respond with what makes your alt-account strategies better than others. I don’t see it.

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