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How to promote your strategy?

Given that promoting your C2 strategy on most online forums is not allowed I wonder what successful strategies have you implemented.

I can be the best trader in the world, but if no one notices my strategy I will be here just paying the C2 monthly fee for nothing… :frowning: I am just starting this strategy in C2, so I am not expecting to start having subscribers before I build a reasonable Trading record, but the problem is that I haven’t had a single visit to my system until now!

Now in hindsight I understand how dumb I was not to have started this strategy here in C2 at the same time that I started live trading only stocks and abandoned Fx forever. Fx was ruining my results.

To be honest I think posting in the forums will get you some attention. However, not much. I don’t promote outside of C2. I say leave the promoting to C2 and simply focus on making a system that is good enough that some people will subscribe. If I were you I would be prepared to pay my C2 fee for a year or more before getting enough in revenue to cover it. Eventually it can easily cover it and these things tend to grow exponentially. However, at the beginning you won’t make anything unless you run system that gets really lucky and has outstanding performance really really early.

That being said I highly recommend opening a Interactive Brokers account and using broker transmit so that you don’t have to enter trades twice and C2 can just be an after thought. I would only enter trades via C2 for one of three reasons. I believe these are the only real reasons others enter via C2.

  1. They do not have enough money in an actual account to lead the strategy they want to do.
  2. They do not know how to set up BrokerTransmit. Or don’t want to take the short term effort to open a compatible broker. Perhaps their country won’t allow a compatible broker etc.
  3. They make trades that they wouldn’t make in their own accounts.

I am sure there are other reasons but these seem like the most common to me.

C2 also has a feature where you can pay to be advertised within the site.

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Thanks for your reply. I am prepared for the waiting game. My live account has 6 digits, so I cannot play the fool. Which means that my system doesn’t have spectacular returns, but it is consistently profitable with relatively low risk.

Unfortunately I live in a country where trading is taxed every time you buy or sell, and they don’t tax the profit. And we need to submit monthly our trading extracts and pay the correspondent tax. This is a very complex task and only a few foreign brokers do this on trader’s behalf. I am now using DEGIRO because from the brokers that have this service, they have the lower fees. This is the reason why I cannot use a C2 compatible broker.

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interesting. - I do not see IB in the link - How do i set it up? Although point 3) is a problem for me in the sense that I have more systems running in my personal account

If I go to that link this is what I see. So you don’t have IB as a choice? I do think there is something about not being able to do forex from there and country of origin may make a difference.

That said, IB usually will let you create multiple accounts and you can separate one account out so that it trades just like you want your strategy to function.

oh ok. thanks for that. I will check with helpdesk.
Regarding multiple accounts, I am not sure how it would work since I use ib api to fire the orders. ( i dont need IB’s data though). i.e. would it be possible to fire orders into both accounts simultaneously. ( a requirement for IB is to have TWS/IB gateway to be open on the machine ). ANyway it is off topic, and if you have some hints, lets take it offline

I also don’t see Interactive Brokers. It might be that it is only available for US residents…

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How to promote your strategy?

Answer: Have a good track record.

That’s it.
Literally that’s ALL you have to do. C2 does all the rest. People are constantly on C2 looking for consistent, profitable strategies. Money will flow in even after a couple weeks of good trading.

If you are the “best trader in the world” you will get millions invested into your strategy over time here. Trust me. Why not link the strategy to this thread? Many who have been here can tell you how long/short it might take to get subscribers depending on your strategy.


First easy thing - post link to strategy.


This is my strategy:

Don’t get me wrong. I know that with my strategy I will not have many subscribers at the beginning, because this is a strategy designed to gain, on the long term, consistent profits. On a market crash, like the one we had in March, goes into negative territory but eventually recovers. This is what has happened in my live account.

Good chart for 10 days. But since it seems like a stock buy and hold strategy, it will take longer to get subscribers. You’re going to have to show real risk-adjusted outperformance over the S&P over the medium to longer term to get any subscribers, since they could just go buy SPY and call it a day for no fees whatsoever.

Good luck.


As an investor what else what would you like to read in the Welcome Letter?

Dear subscriber,

Welcome to the Save For Retirement Club! The decision to become a member of this club is the turning point of your life.
Please keep in mind that this is money that you are putting aside for your retirement, thus any money that you invest you need to commit to keep it there for a minimum of 3 to 5 years. Not because your money is locked, but because if you respect this simple rule you will greatly reduce the magnitude of looser positions. This is a marathon, not a sprint!
Your starting portfolio should have, at least 10 different stocks, but ideally 20. When you reach 50 different stocks you can relax and enjoy the ride, because each position will represent only 2% of your money, so in the remote event of a bankruptcy you will lose only 2% of your money. If you only have 10 stocks, you can lose 10%!
Please decide your position size. By position size I mean the amount of money you put in each investment. If you have initial capital of 10.000USD, and you want to start with 20 stocks, you should invest around 500USD in each stock. Ideally you should use this value for all your future stock investments. If you want to increase this value, please remember that you should use more or less the same value for all your future stock purchases. If a stock price is 1.000USD and your investment value is only 500USD, please do not invest! Many opportunities will come, thus it is not an issue to not buy every single recommended stock.

This is the list of your starting stocks. Buy at least 10 from the ones highlighted in green. If you can buy more, first buy all the green ones, and only afterwards you can start buying the yellow ones.

Thanks for joining!

Yes, I am totally conscious that this is a marathon, and not a sprint! :slight_smile: I don’t like to talk about numbers that I cannot show, but per year I am doing at least 10% above SP500. This year has been very good for me and I am around 22% above SP500. :slight_smile:

My strategy is not totally buy and hold. I have part of the portfolio, sometimes as high as 30%, allocated to opportunistic buys.

Don’t get me wrong, not all my stocks are winners, and in crash they go down like the others. But I usually lose less than SP500 in a downturn and earn more in the upswings.

I am very happy today

Out of curiosity I visited the Collective 2 ranking page and discovered that my strategy is in 31st place (stock strategies) when ranked by annualized return! I know the trading record in C2 is too short (18 days) but it is better to be in 31st than 310th, right?

% Profitable 77.50%
Max peak-to-valley drawdown 2.49%
W:L ratio 7.56:1
Ann Return (w trading costs) 276.0%

9% return in three weeks. not bad. BUT 130 trades in three weeks…do you expect people to allow you to day trade their retirement account? I (obviously) prefer our trading strategy at Put - Equity - Call.

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November was easy to trade. I increased my self managed IRA 20% that month. Keep at it and hopefully it does well enough to attract subscribers.

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Hi Thomas,

I am trying to replicate here my real live account. When I started this strategy here in C2 I copied all the positions that I had in my live account. I am not a day trader. I have a full time job that I love and I have a family with twin 9 years old boys. I don’t have much free time, but I like to research stocks to buy. I found this to be a very nice hobby, that it makes me richer as opposed to the other hobbies that I used to have that where just consuming my money. Simulate my strategy and you will see that I am not a day trader. And I think it is clear in my strategy description.


These are my results since I started to record my trades in Yahoo Finance.

When I started to think about “selling” my strategy, in the beginning of this year, I had completely forgotten about Collective 2. I started to register my trades in, but the problem is that I don’t have a way of making my results public without disclosing how much money I have in stocks. This is my private retirement fund, so we are not talking about small money and I don’t want the world to know the size of my account.

I thought about eToro, but the problem is that I don’t like the platform (it feels like a game) and it doesn’t have many stocks that I own in my Degiro account.

Only a few weeks ago I received a marketing e-mail from C2, where I had already an unused account, and decided to open this strategy here. If I had created the strategy here in C2 at the same time of my live account, or at least at the same time of Yahoo Finance, I would be sitting in a pretty nice track record. :slight_smile:

If your goal is to make more money from your strategy why not just start the strategy as a C2 Star applicant strategy then if you continue to outperform the SP500 you’ll get a guaranteed $1000 per month. Keep it as a C2 star until you build up a strong track record (eg year or more), pulling in a $1000/month in the meantime, then if you want to make more, leave the program and raise the price above the $125 requirement.

Just like google search result, if you’re not on the first page of the leaderboard, you’re not going to get any traffic. So your goal should be to build up a strong enough track record to rank high on the leaderboard. The C2 star program would help you make money in the meantime.

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For a long term strategy like mine it is very easy to not comply temporarily with the open loss and drawdown rules. So applying for C2 Star with my system is just a question of time until I need to pay again the C2 Star application fee. Furthermore I think I have read somewhere that the strategy needs to be older than 90 days, but I cannot find that information anywhere now…

I see C2 as an investment. At the moment I have a open loss of 390USD - the basic plan fee. And I have learnt in my trading career that very seldomly adding to a loosing position is a good bet. When and if I break even it is the time to think about investing more in C2, but not before that.

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