How about Hit Parade?

How about Hit Parade?

It is a good Strategy. I am trading for last 4 months and so far made little over 4K, like average 1K per month.
He is handle stop/loss very well, not hesitate to take loss.
He never response to private message.

One of subscribers is using 8 times contracts. Wow, good luck, most of the times, all profit has been made can be dust for one mistake. Managing $100k capital is totally different with managing $20k capital.
Communication is extremely important especially during difficult time. What would you expect from this developer when the account balance is not in a good direction or high DD?

Seems to be doing ok. I remember when he showed up back in March, he was doing ok then. Seems to be a bit stuck for a couple months but may be breaking back out now.

No excessive leverage, keeps it at one contract and doesn’t allow large losses or add to loses. Half his gains were before he had subscribers (prior to April 4th from what I can tell), but still has made almost $4k with subscribers since then. Good for him.

Seems ok, but I’d still wait a full year if it were me. I’d also like TOS, but I understand why people don’t go TOS due to the cost. You could pay $20 a month to run this system as is and get 50% subscriber fees, or $100 a month to do TOS and only get 60% subscriber fees. At a higher number it becomes worth it, but if he is doing fine as is, he might not feel the need to or have other reasons.

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Trader responded quickly to my private messages. Haven’t seen the trader bragging in the forum yet. :wink:
Discretionaty day trading strategy, always 1 contract. Doesn’t use hard stop loss, but indicator reversal.
No TOS. Has mostly small profitable trades & is not afraid to take a loss.
Traded well in June but lost all monthly profits by the end of the month (in one day), happened again in July.

Strategy started early February, just after the crash. :roll_eyes:
Maybe the trader had another strategy that crashed before, maybe not.
Anyway, I don’t remember any strategy with this kind of trading before February.
Anyone else?

I am out of this Hit Parade, he lost all profits in one month what ever made in last 5 months.