Hit Parade inverted?

Maybe it trades the yield curve or something ? :slight_smile:

Last 10 days it manages to pick local extremes and enter trades the wrong direction. (I.e. picks local max and goes long, local min and goes short.)

Trade leader doesn’t reply to IM, just keeps adding more (mostly losing) trades and even markets.

Same happened in Jun/Jul (inverted trades, no reply from trade leader) but back then it recovered faster.

I made good $$ with the system since I subscribed but by now I gave it back. Thinking of stopping autotrade for a while (or unsub.)

It happens. He’s had rough spells before (as you said).

From what you have said it seems like his is a trend following system with 1-2% stop losses (although I saw a 4% loss in October). You can be the judge of that based on your experience with him. But when the market is volatile and trends seem to be whipsawing faster in the past week or so than they have in the last month before, maybe that is when his system gets beat up.

The fact that he also adds in a discretionary element to it would make me less confident, as emotions can and do play a roll regardless of what developers say. Complete lack of communication is never a good thing, however he is free to do as he wishes and you are free to unsubscribe.

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Yup…thats the life of trading. Not all trades will be winners. In fact, statistically in the long term trading should balance out to have around 50% win/loss ratio. However, emotions and other factors will cause the trader to panic and break his/her own rules.

Message deleted. It is designed to be trollish.