Rush new system

Just settling in.


Rush is a trading system, and has nothing to do with Geddy Lee.

Rush drops more than 3%

Are you planning on going TOS?

No, I’ve not looked too much into it.
Plenty of people trade their own systems poorly.

Rush up more than 6%

More people trade their funny money accounts poorly than TOS, which is why it TOS is looked upon favorably here.


Oh ok, but that’s not my findings at all. I’ve looked at just tos. on the grid and results are abysmal. I’ve also looked at most popular and leaderboard and unless I read it wrong, only 1 tos. In top 10. I honestly don’t care either way.


Coupon for all my fellow traders. This entitles you to a reduced price of $50
For 3 months of trading RUSH.

Trades ETFs only

Most positions will be held for several weeks.

Only trades long and is ideal for retirement accounts.


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Up about 3% or 19% within a few days.

Keep up the good trading!

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Aww, thanks a bunch!

Rush is down 7% today. I am fairly confident this will be up 20 to 40% within 3 weeks. Take advantage of what I perceive to be a nice pullback.

Price has increased to $149. Take advantage of my $50 for 3 month coupon code: UGII96875

Trading is risky and results may vary.

Kind Regards

Up 7%

Ok, now up 21%.

I’ll give this another couple weeks and if no one is interested, I’ll go back to trading this on my own. Just thought it would be fun to show my stuff.

@BradSellers, you can’t expect people to subscribe to your system with only 3 trades showing having completed and only less than 1 week of trading.

You have to ask yourself that question…would I pay someone with only 3 trades history and no detailed description of the system?

Sorry to be critical but at C2 its preferrable to have at least 3 to 6 months of trade history.


You gave a coupon for 3 months and now you are implying that you will be quiting after only 15 days? lol…

Sorry I meant less than 1 month

My advice - relax, run your system for a couple more months and see if you get investors. I am assuming you paid for 6 months, right? Just run it for 6 months. If your ‘stuff’ is so good, people will invest.

Also, 20% in 2 weeks is unsustainable on any long term basis. Most investors know this.

I would also recommend you not say things like this. Prophecies like this are unheard of in the real investment community. Others have come on here with ridiculous claims, predictions, and all have failed, some spectacularly (if not immediately, within a couple months).

What was meant is that my system would be up at least 20% within the 3 weeks since inception and I have done that. I also made a claim that I was confident that after the 7% drop that it would quickly rebound, check.
I would start taking interest in my system based on execution.
I also point out when system drops and when it goes up so keeping it balanced. I’m not disappointed, I’m just saying that I’ll be gone soon if there is no interest.
I would never buy a system until at least the 2nd month, but there are buyers who seem to buy systems the 1st week.

The other dilemma I’m facing, which some of you can help me with is, which would be more profitable as a system, make 150% with a 32%dd. or 50% with an 11%dd. There doesn’t seem to be any clear winner here.
I see both styles with either many or few subscribers, so it all comes down to marketing.