How do I access C2 Webtrader?

I can’t find a link. Anyone know?

Left side panel .

Manager tools : webtrader .


But I notice the chart is delayed by 10 minutes. I have TV subscription with live data feed. Is it possible to use that instead?

Also the chart only shows 1-minute timeframe. How do you zoom out to 5 minute chart? Sorry to say but this is a real mess. This is only TradingView on the surface. But it’s nothing like it. They can’t seriously expect you to trade using this crap, are they? Just my 2 cents.

Click on that 1-min “button” to select other time frames (5-min included).

Yes, and that means the Profit/Loss you see on your WebTrader is delayed as well.
However, when you initiate or close your position you get the REAL-TIME price
from whatever quote vendor C2/TradingView is using.

But that’s the point. How am I to enter the trade looking at delayed chart?

Thanks for your help though.

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You have to use your own real-time charts from your own broker (or Trading Station), there is no way around this, at least for now.

Then when you get a trading signal from your own trading station, you go to C2 webtrader and enter the position, regardless of the price action on the C2 chart.

Even here, they made it unintuitive. For instance, when you want to flip from long to short, you need to close out your long first. Then you need to enter another order for short. What’s worse, there’s a confirmation window that you need to click ok before sending the order.

Why so much hassle?

Never had this problem trading on other platforms.

I wish I could just log in and trade within Tradingview as I can with CQG paper trading.

I’m not talking about holding both long and short. I’m talking about REVERSING trade from long to short-----> with one click

That’s what I said, this is another subject, this close and reverse option does not exist here.

I’ve tried many simulators on the market but honestly this one ranks at the very bottom.

I mean they’re using Tradingview charts, why not use their trading functionality as well?

Anyway, thanks for listening to all my gripes. :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind that getting real-time data from the different exchanges around the world costs a LOT of money, something that even TradingView cannot afford, take a look at this post here for example:

And that’s why most financial services on the Net, including Yahoo Finance, can only offer delayed quotes/charts.

But as I already said above, I’m a paid subscriber to Tradingview platform and I get live data from CQG. So if I could sign into Collective2 via Tradingview and use their chart to place the trade, as I can with CQG, then all this would not be a problem. I should also mention that Tradingview allows reversing trades on the spot as well as many other features that seem to be limited with Collective2.

Hope that makes more sense.

Sure, but all these extra features (that you still have to pay for every month) won’t make any difference as far as the profitability of a C2 trading strategy is concerned, unless the Trade Leader is scalping the market and needs to close and reverse 20 to 50 positions per day quickly.

Agree with Gordon, and the scalping strategies have historically only worked for the trader, not for those following on C2. C2 trading has its limits; only strategies which can abide with those limits work well here for traders and investors both. If yours doesn’t fit well, it might be a sign it’s not a good match for C2. Some perfectly wonderful strategies (HF and scalping come to mind) just don’t work here, and that’s a fact.

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I agree. Not so much that scalp or HF wouldn’t work on C2 but trading on Webtrader makes that nearly impossible. But from what I’ve read, that would be possible once you link your broker or platform to C2 and go autopilot.

Anyway, where can I find my balance? C2 Trader only show the buying power. I’m pretty sure that also includes margin. (Is the “total amount” supposed to be the cash value? Also what was the initial starting balance?)