How do I know I have subscribers and how many?

How do I know I have subscribers and how many? Will I get messages? I could not find menus related to subscribers.

In your system page click on Admin -> Subscriber Management.

But you have just started - it’ll take a while before you get any interest, assuming your system does okay.

Thanks, found it!

BTW, we already have 2 subscribers. We set a monthly subscription with the minimum price C2 lets us ($5), with 30 free days. We realize the risk someone takes when trading, especially with a new system, and we do not expect many people to subscribe, but giving it for free for a few months will help us to understand the subscribers better. And once the system has some good tracking history we will raise the price eventually. Even if these subscribers will cancel in 30 days, at least we get to learn something.

We have been lucky to make 6% in our first 4 days on C2 and that helped a lot probably. I hope we will continue to be lucky, but I know my bactesting does not support +6% / month.