How do I run TradeMonitorC2 in test mode?

My MT4 can only run 1 Strategy tester at a time. I want to test EURUSD.

How do I run TradeMonitorC2 -Plus and my EA in Test Mode at the same time so that my EA sends signals thru to make believe C2 subscribers to my system?

My MT4 can only run 1 Strategy tester at a time.



Message while loading TradeMonitor to my MT4 chart to Enable DLL for it. Just where and how is this done? In Windows XP? In IE 8? In MT4?

I just love criptic messages with no instructions presuming you know what they are saying. lol

OK on DLL now that I turned on alerts I found where to enable DLL. lol

Still have problem getting both EA’s to run on same chart. Load Trade Monitor on chart but loading my EA on same chart removes Monitor.

So how do you get the 2 EA’s to communicate?

I’m running on a new Demo MT4 that I downloaded from my broker.

I setup an identical EURUSD chart to run the Trade Monitor on and the other chart runs my EA. Both have DLL enabled but nothing comes thru to C2 when my EA places an order. I get no alert messages and am at a loss as to what to try next to get this working.