I can’t seem to make TradeMonitorBasic work.

What ip address does this talk to (I guess a C2 server)? I could probably move it to a server with the lowest latency. Right now, I’m running off a server somewhere in the West Coast.

My MT4 account has already made 1 closed trade, and has 3 open, but C2 is still showing nothing.

Is the advanced version any good? Anyone can PM me a coupon code?


Advanced version is the one to use. Has more features and seems a bit more debugged and refined. Have been using for months in testing and on Live flawlessly.

I turned debug on and see that initially it was my trade multiplier. I didn’t realize the requirement was to have a whole number lot. I thought it was any lot size > 0. So my lot sizing on a real account would now be affected to cater to that multiplier. Seems I have no option but to use a demo account for this. Rats.

Then somehow password was wrong. Now got it all right. Pushed onto a demo account to speed things up a bit. Good thing my account is on test mode.

Failing this, I’ll try the advanced version.

Hmmm… Anyone know of any coupon code? I’m a skinflint!

Thanks Bidask FX