TradeMonitor/C2 not working

I run multiple Euro algorithms and "advanced" TradeMonitor.

MT4 Journal says TradeMonitor loaded successfully.

1) A right click on the TradeMonitor chart shows Properties not grayed out.

I click on Properties and nothing comes up - cannot check settings except by removing TM and reinstalling it. Is this normal?

2) TM does not make Euro trades. There are no Journal error messages. Manual or autoEA Euro trades are ignored. TM is installed correctly via settings.

A manual GBP trade was accepted. But my MT4 shows 36 pip profit and C2 shows a 59 pip loss. entry is 8 pips off and exit is 86 pips off.


If my different Euro algorithms place three long trades and one short trade, will TM and C2 consider them "hedges" even if the timing and price levels are different? Is this why TM/C2 is not placing trades?

I am using a non-NFA broker - is that a problem for C2?

Is this the proper forum for this question?