How long are trades active?

A system that I subscribe to, Buzo principle, sent a trade last night about midnight. It’s a limit and it’s still active. But it doesn’t show in latestsigs for me. Are trades dropped after a time limit?


Your AutoTrading software never acknowledged receiving or filling the opening signal (77532726) so the closing signal will not be sent until or unless that signal is acknowledged as received and filled.

But aren’t these still waiting for my acknowledgement?

STO 3 ESZ2 LMT 1402.75

STO 3 YMZ2 LMT 12992

Please give me signal ID #s, and I can look them up for you.

Sorry, how do I see the signalIDs on the C2 website?

Oh, sorry, I can see it in the email. But I guess there’s just one:



So my question is why this signal, 77532709, which was emailed to me, does not appear in my ATI signal list.


So today I have the same problem. I believe I am appropriate subscribed to autotrade Buzo principle. But I did not receive trade 77583030 via the ATI.