How often is gainers/losers updated

Does anyone know how often the "Gainers since … night" and "Losers since … night" tables on the home page are updated during the day?

Thanks in advance!

not sure how useful these are. The gainers are often populated by systems with awful performance, but just happen to trip over a good day. “Hot Hands” is a lot more useful - it gives systems by twos, that have been best the last 5 days, last 10, etc…

Of all the categotizations, I think “most popular” is probably the most useful (the masses usually know best), although you have to pick through a couple that seem to be dying off.

Grandma’s List, Very Tradable, and Best Systems can be good, but they tend to also overlap each other and include a few systems that make you scratch your head…

I’m asking b/c my system is currently up ~3% since yesterday’s close and doesn’t appear in the gainers list.

don’t forget, this is for the long haul. Don’t know your situation, but you are probably likely to draw few subscribers until you can get your equity curve reasonably above $100K. You seem to have stabilized it around 90K or so… Hopefully, you will make some sustained gains in the near future.

I don’t know about others, but someone who made 3% since yesterday is not what I seek. As I said above, gainers since yesterday often have awful equity curves, but happen to luck into a good day. I don’t know any serious subscriber here who will sign because you made the gainers list for one day.