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I put my first system on here about six months ago, and now I have three (all I’m allowed at the moment). It has taken me a while to get all the bugs out of getting trades from my desktop to C2, but I think I’m there now. Next question is, is anyone ever going to notice my systems or subscribe to them? What are the key factors that will attract subscribers such as longevity, profit factor, trades own system, etc.?

Link your systems here? Folks could give you some thoughts.

Performance is all that matters at the end of the day. TOS is a nice touch as well. That’s it.

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Sorry, what did you mean by “link your systems here”?

Post your performance chart:

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While I largely agree with @DogZebra_Investing about performance is all that matters for getting subscribers I think there is an important reality check for trade leaders to be had.

As best I can tell Peter Lynch is pretty well respected as a fantastic investor. As Wikipedia says between 1977 and 1990, Lynch averaged a 29.2% annual return. However, I don’t think he would have done very well on C2 because expectations are irrational.

If you go to you can find the historical data for the Magellan fund from 1980 on. If we look at the period of 1980 through 1990 the fund had an annualized return of 19.61% with a max drawdown of 42.54% (assuming full dividend reinvestment).

By most potential subscribers on C2 that is a trash system. I see people all the time saying they expect a system that can have an annual return double the drawdown not half. Investors of all types, C2 and otherwise, tend to jump from one hot thing to the next. There are many reports that the average investor with Peter Lynch actually lost money due to getting in and out at inopportune times.

Unless you can really keep your annualized return equal to double your max drawdown indefinitely then you will get floods of subscribers in good times and lose most of them in bad times. I am not saying its impossible but I highly doubt many leaders can achieve a 2 to 1 ratio on return to drawdown in the end. Furthermore, as a potential investor how is one to determine if system a, b, c, or d is the one that will?

Of course, all of that is just my experience/opinion. Who knows what really happens for you. Just sharing my view/experience. Good luck!

PS there are some big single day drops in there.

Daily Move Date
-32.1% 4/27/1981
-17.7% 10/19/1987
-12.7% 12/2/1980
-10.5% 5/7/1984
-9.1% 10/26/1987

Wise words. I have been doing this for over 20 years and have been furnishing my systems to a broker for a good part of that. All of my clients who stuck with the program made money. The ones that cut and run at the first drawdown all lose. Things may be much the same here, but I’d like to get enough subscribers to pay for the cost of doing this. I already have my own website, which generates zero interest, and a public track record. Here’s an example.

One to one CAGR to max DD is very good. Few systems will achieve that over a full market cycle.

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What is your system name or link to the page? I can’t seem to find it here. When I search TomGraney2 I find nothing and when I go to TomGraney I see only strategies that seem abandoned.

I have been trying to get all the bugs out of getting trades to register properly, so the charts are not reflective of what they would be if all the trades had been properly uploaded. I think I have that fixed now. The one (Heaven) just started today.
FuturesFarmer (
Heaven (
Index Cracker (

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Thanks for sharing. My feedback after seeing the strategies.
FuturesFarmer (
Heaven (
Index Cracker (

  1. I think it was wise to start the newer systems that allow smaller traders to copy.
  2. Personally, the level of leverage use would scare me a bit, but I know it wouldn’t be a factor for many subs on here.
  3. Trades own system could be a real plus. If you get enough in terms of followers it could even be worth paying an extra $50-100 to autotrade your own strategy with a small account so you collect 60% instead of 50% of subscriber revenue. It also adds to credibility.
  4. Since many strategies have appeared on C2 before with similar performance then later flopped it is hard to ever tell what is going to last for any length of time as a subscriber. Most people tend to go by performance. I primarily go on a little bit of performance, but mostly the description of the strategy. If someone just says this system is after lots of development etc. then I have heard that 100 times. I want to hear why the mechanism works. That is of course hard to do without giving away the secret sauce. So I understand that even if someone has something special they wouldn’t want to give too much of a description. However, the better understanding of the system you can give without giving it all away the better. I personally never want to invest in something I don’t understand somewhat.

That all sounds like very good advice. Thanks you.

another useful thread.

in my case, in light of the subdued activity and elevated costs i decided to start recording my signals in real time in a freely accessible micro blogging site.