How to handle autotrade in spinoffs

I autotrade my own system.

Last time I had a stock spinoff ( GASS spun off IMPP and IMPPP), the collective2 portfolio had not yet reflected the spun off shares in the model portfolio, and autotrade promply sold the spun off shares at market, interactive brokers dumped them into isld bid at the open, end result, i lost a lot of money (hundreds of dollars) cause there was no market, so stuff was sold at less than half price.

I am a bit nervous about how the autotrade system will handle the 1:15 reverse split that will come on IMPP overnight. if collective2 model portfolio is not updated correctly, autotrade Will see that i have only 1/15th the number of shares, and try to buy an insane $ amount of shares to fit model portfolio.

Not sure I want to take that risk.

Is it possible to disable autosync for IMPP for a few days until I am sure collective2 model portfolio correctly reflects the split? (preferrably doing it as the portfolio manager so subscribers do not have to do anything)

alternatively, is it possible to keep autotrading but disable auto sync for all, until I’m sure collective2 model portfolio is split adjusted

alternatively, if i turn off autosync at the subscriber level - can I keep positions and then just turn it on again when collective2 model portfolio is correct - without running into billing issues etc.

I am worried how corporate events are handled with collective2 autosync.

It would be preferable to be able to disable autosync for a period for tickers I know will have corporate. events the next day.