How to set up simulated account?


I received an email that I can set up $100K simulated account in C2. How can I do it, I cannot find it.

Thank you.

Go here:

Then press any of the blue buttons that say TRADE IN A DEMO ACCOUNT.

Oh, I see.

I can only pick the systems that offer free demo?

Can I pick the systems from the Grid, not from the System Finder? If yes, how?

Thank you.

You can trade any system your like in your simulated broker account. But if they don’t offer free trials, then you’ll need to subscribe to them and pay for a subscription.

Just go to the system page you are interested in, and click AUTOTRADE, and then - when asked which broker you want to use - choose C2 Simulated Broker.

Can I pick the systems that are free to try from the Grid?

Thank you.

System Finder has free trial for a filter.


Yes, on The Grid, use SELECT COLUMNS and show the column called "Trial Days."

I see, thank you.