How to turn off autosync but still autotrade?

Hi C2 Admin,

Is there a way to turn off AutoSync for one subscribed system? The problem is the system signals are limit order, once the model account is filled, our account will be autosynced instead of the limited order, which will cause a slippage of 1 pip back and force.



We believe keeping AutoSync turned on is vital and prevents unexpected events. Thus there is no way to turn it off.

Systems should place limit orders can be reasonably expected to be filled from existing market liquidity. If a system regularly places trades that are "just-touched" (i.e. the limit order does not "trade through" and not everyone who places the limit order receives fills at the limit price) then that system cannot reasonably be traded in the real world through a distributed trade-following system such as C2.

Before you throw up your hands and curse the inadequacy of C2, I would urge you to consider the following. In cases where such liquidity does not exist, results would still suffer even if only a single account followed a system, because the market would not have the liquidity to trade even that single account at any non-trivial size. Thus if you ran a hedge fund trading your own system in your own account, your limit orders would only partially fill, and your results would degrade proportionally.

Short answer: Auto-Synchronization is your friend. It prevents bad things from happening to customers and makes the AutoTrade experience safer. There is no way to turn it off.