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I don't want to brag. But


Thank you @MatthewKlein


Neat trick @Charles_Tines! I think this will help reveal all those strategies that have suddenly gone private…lol.

But then again, going private usually means the strategy is not doing well.


its kinda funny how these “new” developers and all these “new” strategies all have the same tone in the forum, same demeanor, same trading style, same trollish strategy name and try to be funny user names.

i bet most of these new strategy marketing post are just the SAME guy from Ukraine making like 5-10 new strategies/users every month.


Same trolls criticizing every strategy in c2.


Why don’t you subscribe then if it’s such a great strategy?


I’ve never been to Ukraine.

Today was a watch paint dry kind of day.

Just a few trades today but it really was slow as molasses. The first was a short YM @ 26432 with a stop @ 26424. Risk on that was $95. Stop trailed and the trade ended with a small $40 win.

The other two went sideways. The ES was a short @ 2913 with a stop @ 2917.50. $225 risk on that. The YM was a short @ 26467 and a stop 26509. Risk on that was $210.

The final trades went sideways. Big blah day. With the final two trades and the small profit made on the first one, the total risk was $395 combined for the day when the last trades were taken.

Don’t worry I won’t post details everyday. Throwing out a feeler of the style here that’s all.

Shop is closed for the day. No margin call today.


With short stops you will not lose all your money in a month, but your equity will probably go sideways, and not a lot of paying subs will join. You will end up to be bored with your trading and no returns from subs, break your stops rule and lose money. :slight_smile:



Slow and steady my friend. Slow and steady. That’s how you want to see your equity curve. Just consider this. I had really tight stops. None of the stops got hit. I absolutely get stops hit but placing them right and managing the trade puts you in the winners circle.

Trading should be boring. It shouldn’t be exciting like you see on TV. I’m not sitting here screaming go long ES into a crowd.


whom did you mean?

free coupons - check
tight stops - check (R multiple was’nt mentioned yet as that would be obvious:D)
high fees - check
over-explanation - check
over-advertising - check
free advises - check

only one comes to my mind :smiley:


I guess I’m from Ukraine since I use tight stops and I definitely understand the R multiple concept. lol.


How tight are stops in $s or %s?


Do you hold positions overnight? Are you trading whole 22 hours per day? If you hold positions over night and not trading 22/5 then tight stop is meaningless.

Almost every trader want tight stop, but gap open or stops getting raid won’t save you.



In $s I’m OK risking up to $400 or $500 at the extremes. My comfort zone is more in the $200 range. Yesterday the risk was $95, $225, and $210.

What I don’t want is to risk $800 to find out if I’m wrong. At that point the trade turns into hope.



I do not hold overnight. I only trade U.S. hours.


Coupon details

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Please note that this coupon expires on 2018-09-30 11:59:00 Eastern U.S. time.


That’s what I meant. Slow and steady. :slight_smile:


System has some trades now. Pattern/trading style is clear - this is payoff matrix reloaded. :wink:

welcome back;)


After a month, @JITF has nailed it so far…


Not really sure. I put in the same trades here and the other platform. I put in and cancel a lot of trades. Not sure why the accounts look different. Yes I’m still funded status.



Sorry I don’t think I follow you. “payoff matrix reloaded”. Movie quote? I didn’t watch the matrix if it’s a reference from that?? Please explain.