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I found the Holy Grail

I found the Holy Grail in C2… several times, and the findings are very predictable. :slight_smile:

In C2 there are 15 systems with “Holy Grail” (or some sort of variation) in the name. This was obtained in the search box. I didn’t count systems that only contained the word “grail” (or a variation of it).

86,7% were abandoned and the last trade was at least 5 years ago
1 is still active
1 went private after a few months and has not placed any more trades
Maximum return 14%
Minimum return -6,7%
Maximum DD 100%

A few tips for potential investors:

  • The holy grail doesn’t exist. Stop searching for it.
  • Investing in a strategy with a flashy name might be risky - simulate for a few months before subscribing
  • Pay attention to the trader’s name. Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything, and we have a trader in the Leader Board with 3 strategies, whose name is similar to Elon Musk - the exception to the rule. But, usually names that look like someone famous are not a good sign. Just plain stupid names or group of letters are also not good signs.

You could be very right about this :wink:

The second point of interest for me would be how a trade leader promotes or talks about his strategy. If he presents the strategy as infallible and he will show us how real trading is done, then that’s a red flag.

Modesty and a humble attitude towards the chaotic market on the other hand show the trader has an eye for risk and knows there will be failures.


It seems almost absolute that every time I come across a trade leader that has an essay touting expert experience they crash and burn. I comb the reviews section to get a better feel on where subs are coming from.


Thank you for your analysis.

How do you think about my name :slight_smile:

Swing Trader

A name alone is not enough, but it’s one of the factors to consider when analyzing a strategy. For instance, I would be more cautious with a young strategy from a trader with any of these names:
RobertCoppo (Robocop)


i welcome you to check my strategy out - results will speak for themselves overtime, but i have been a consistently profitable trader for 3-4 years now. doing this as side income and diversifying my risk. still need to add more details and figure out best way to get subscribers, but im happy to chat and ofc would appreciate referrals.

background in s&t at a tier 1 bank in NYC, worked as a trader at a hedge fund, now investor at a family office.

it would be amusing to change the name of one of the best performing strategies to something ludicrous (to underscore that a rose by any other name…) … hmmm willy wonka’s gocart track is up 3% today. btw whatever happened to tqqq sqqq swing only… Ohhhhhhh. amusing, but i think it would get pretty tired pretty quickly :slight_smile:

give the alpha surplus fund a try. there is amusement in the tendie man name but the strategy is all business.

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