IB TWS is continuously restarting/exiting

I took a subscription on YES3 Strategy

I’m still having difficulties setting up Tradebullet in cooperation with Interactive Broker’s Trader Workstation.

When I start Tradebullet, IB TWS ( Build 913.6) is continuously restarting/exiting.

Could someone please help me.

Hi Ruben,

Ultimately your question is going to be better directed to Francis (support@tradebullet.com) since C2 doesn’t directly support either of those third party products.

But I have some experience with it… the logical question would be does TWS login and run fine on its own? If it only dumps out when you start TB and connect, have you followed all the instructions on the configuration page?


Your java and .net versions have a lot to do with it, and TB uses an older version of .net framework.

If the install page doesn’t work, and you don’t find anything similar in the support forums at Tradebullet, email Francis at TradeBullet, and he can probably look at your TB logs.

Good luck,