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In search of 2 good strategy


not in the context of TOS - but its misleading to think if you do the opposite of what a bad strategy does , you will end up with a good strategy. ( or even profitable strategy). there is more dynamics in play there


You don’t understand what I said (or maybe you do and just wanted to hijack the thread.)

If you buy/sell something in an account that C2 monitors and simultaneously you sell/buy the same thing in another account, then as far as C2 is concerned, you are TOS but you lose not more than your round trip commission.


You have a point. I understsnd


Seems like a lot of effort just to get 60% subscriber fees. Plus you actually have to maintain a good track record here or subscriber fees go away.

However I do see what you are saying in extreme cases. A developer could shoot for the moon and lose, but really just tie, while he keeps his subscriber fees and his subscribers all perish. Almost worse than the scammers. Almost.


thanks for the input. Yes, if i put TOS off, there is 88 systems. Thats the reason why im here asking for a some recommandation from fellow subscribers. I just subscriber to SUNNY. so im still searching for another one.


I suppose you are a none US subscriber so that you can trade futures, stocks and options in the same IB account or otherwise you use a broker other than IB. Can you please tell us which one is it.


I guess you can cancel SUNNY from that list.
+30 K loss in three days. No risk-management?


Lol…Looks that way…I think the developer had another ID and failed system before. Its martingaley with no stops probably.


Too many strategies fail here in C2.


Have a look at mine. May still be a bit young but I know the potential.


The great majority and long term almost ALL


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