Income Generator Non traditional trading plan

About 6 years ago when i got interested in forex trading, i started reading about it on various sites, read books & in addition attended a few seminars & the things which stood out was that all the material was based upon the same principle which i called traditional style of trading education. There was a lot of talk about how few people are successful trading forex and so on & so forth. I decided early on that i am not going down that traditional path & will develop my own system. It took me another 2 years to work out a plan which is based upon a lot of factors.

I posted my system on Collective 2 about 22 months ago & few days back closed my 233rd successful trade. I still have about 10 negative trades open some from May 2010 but i count them as money invested in the business waiting to reap profits whenever these trades become positive. These negative trades are like accounts receivable to me. My trades are extremely long term some lasting weeks or years in some cases, & does not require a lot of screen time. I would never compare my system to other systems as there are a lot of systems reported as extremely successful. Mine is a slow & steady non traditional system which does not obey commonly taught rules.