New equity highs in Dec. for this program, the third consecutive month.

This program has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to ever changing

market conditions. With geopolitical events causing unstable governments,

along with soaring national debt and bizarre weather patterns (global warming?), speculative opportunities should remain plentiful.However,

one must follow a discipline that can adapt to ever changing market conditions. For the life of this program, (going on 2 yrs.) The 1750 hits

it has received is truly a pathetic response from the C2 community.

You do have a nice equity curve, but $200 per profitable trade seems pretty steep and the win rate of 33.6% is not a ton of fun to ride out.

By way of your less than ideal hits, are there any factors in your system that might cause it to be ‘missed’ when someone does searching and filtering via the grid or similar? That is typically what I do to find system to watch and track; maybe yours is not hitting peoples radar based on system particulars.

To your success,


With $15,000 in subscription fees over the past two years, it is, definitely, high cost.

Of course, I would never subscribe to a system where the provider doesn’t “eat his own dog food” (and if anyone claims they do, without providing an independent, audited record, it doesn’t count).

Fred-For an account of 100k, with over 7,000 average credit, 200 is

2.8% per winning trade. I don’t think that’s expensive. As far as a “fun ride”, taking consistent profits out of the market is a very difficult, and a

very serious business.

Jack-As far as “eating my own dog food”, because traders are human,

we have to deal with human emotions, in this case, the most prevalent one

is the fear/greed emotion. It has to be dealt with on every trade. This is why trader burn-out is so prevalent, you’ve got a constant "pressure " to perform. How many programs go good for awhile and then crash, almost all of them? I contend this is the number one reason, if it’s not, the program was never any good in the first place. If the trader works for a flat fee it removes this huge burden from the equation. Do you want your

adviser, second guessing himself on the last trade, while trying to open a new one? Not a recipe for successful trading. Again, as time goes by this

burden becomes more and more debilitating. Trading is war, war is hell,

ergo, trading is hell, absolute hell. Removing this huge impediment can greatly increase the chances of long term profitability.