Interlink Futures

A new strategy for consideration. Low draw downs high returns. At $400 relatively cheap. You will sleep easy at night. I know that because i do.

Haha! Well paste a link if you are gunna make such lofty claims


On top of the new high list the last 6 weeks. Q and A welcomed 24/7.

previous equity high was in aug 2020. do you plan to wait another 14 months till next equity high?

Got a serious question? Otherwise, don’t waste my time.

this is rude, maybe i am that the only sub in the world which likes to have equity jumps once in a year. rare bird, other subs are more picky, want income on the monthly basis. and now you lost me.

i also the one who sleeps easy at night having almost 60% drawdown.

Good luck with that. I held the equity together. You only drew down < 3% on average, at any point in time. Quit, give up, whatever, when u compare what else is out there, what else u got??

U want monthly income?? Get a savings account. U don’t have a clue about successful speculation.

When advertising your system you should probably link your system.
Gonna need more consistent gains to get subscribers here.

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Consistent gains compared to who? My loses are consistent. Show me who has the same credit/debit ratio I have. Why do u think C/2 star disqualifies u at a 10% drawdown?? These fly by night strategies with big returns and ridiculous draw downs are a joke.

The market. SPY.

Granted, you started your strategy at the beginning of an epic bull run, but still, the sharpe ratio of the S&P is twice that of yours since you started. You’ve had several 30%+ drawdowns in just a year and a half (I see you mentioned “low drawdowns” in your initial post :face_with_monocle:). For that kind of volatility I would wager subscribers will want significantly more outperformance.

$400 and no TOS is making it a tough sell as well.

So I have one successful program, and u have 3 failed programs. How many more startups we going to see out u? Enough said.

Coming on this forum, it was never my intention to be crass or belligerent with people. But when I am attacked or criticized I have to defend myself.I’m still waiting for someone to show me a strategy that compares to Interlink futures. I originally stated I would answer questions about my strategy, but since none have come forward I will give you this: This is not the holy grail You have to be mentally prepared to accept a 15-20% draw down at any point in time. That’s the bad news, the good new is that 80% of your equity is still intact. If you can’t accept those conditions then this program is not for you.

I point out some very obvious quantitative data and instead of noting it you fly off the handle.

Good luck getting subscribers. :wink:

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not sure where did you get your numbers. based on your current equity curve the following is clear -

  • 14 months subscriber can sit without any income
  • drawdown is around 34k

In conclusion, subscriber who starts now with 100k (current equity) is risking to lose 34% of that 100k (staying with only 66% of his capital) with the good chance to get back to 100k in only 14 months. I don’t want to offend your super-trader feelings, but this is what the numbers said. Knowing that typically max drawdowns are increasing with the time, the perspectives are quite questionable. Lack of auto-traders after 1.5 year of trading simply confirms my thoughts.

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Hey Dog…I detect a little bit of sarcasm in your good luck wishes. But I don’t want to get snarky so I’ll take your words at face value. Thanks for your comments.

Hey JITF…Thanks for the correspondence. Luv the sound of that super-trader, too bad it doesn’t
pay anything. Your comments bring a couple questions to mind if you’ll indulge me. Firstly, how many of the thousands of strategies out there with at least a one year track record have gone on to double there equity in 3-4 months? I would think you could count them on one hand if there are any at all. Secondly, how was this accomplished? In my mind there can only be one of two answers. It was either luck or skill. So let me ask you, what is your opinion?

With a 100 to 1 leverage, a Forex trader could double his account in ONE day, the market only has to move 1% in his favor.

But it still does not prove that this trader has ANY trading skill or particular mathematical edge.

Making money in the market and winning consistently with a reasonable drawdown (under 25% or so) are two very different things.


Right after you share your opinion on my very first question: