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IRA Truck strategy: TQQQ and friends

My IRA Truck strategy got its first subscriber two months ago, March 2, just over a year since the strategy began. Since then (past two months) the strategy is up another 17%, and subscribers+sim followers has ballooned to 26 total, with AUM currently listed as $373k (considerably more than what is being autotraded).

Currently, there is no charge to subscribe to IRA Truck, and I expect that to change; my annual strategy developer fee is coming due soon. So here’s the deal:

I plan soon to start charging $39/month for IRA Truck subscribers. I hope not to delay too long, but I’m waiting at least until Truck shows up on the New Highs list again. Current subscribers as of the day I start charging fees will grandfather in for two additional months of no-fee subscription. So what that means in a practical sense is that if you are interested in an algorithm-driven, IRA-friendly, 3x-leveraged ETF strategy that has performed well over its lifetime, then consider subscribing now (ie, not just sim following) because (A) it’s free and (B) it will continue to be free for at least two more months if you subscribe before I raise the fees.

On “The Grid”, IRA Truck is in the top 5-25 for most major categories if you look at strategies older than 365 days: CAGR (35%), Last 30, 60, 90 days returns, Calmar, and C2 Score. MaxDD is higher than I’d like (-18.5%) but I did manage to pull up out of it while the rest of the market was dropping through December and Truck has been running on all four ever since. I plan to move to TOS soon (Truck guides a good portion of one of my IRA accounts anyway, so I should just make it TOS), but I have had other priorities. Thanks for considering IRA Truck.

In case you’re interested, I also have another IRA-friendly strategy called MultiVol Plus that has been performing well of late (up roughly 60% since Dec 1), and is 100% TOS (driven by another of my IRA accounts).

MVPlus is also free to subscribe, and has a different algorithm driving it. I expect MVPlus to remain free a while longer, until it has a longer track record of good performance. MVPlus currently has 7 total followers and trades 3x ETFs and volatility funds (like VXX). Like most other volatility strategies, MVPlus stumbled about through most of 2018 (ok, a 40% drawdown is more than a stumble), but found its footing in December and since.

Feel free to ask questions about these strategies here or with a PM.

Paul (v1Trader)

For fun, I made a public C2 Explorer script (#567 3x ETF Compare) that graphs the equity curves for 11 popular/notable strategies that trade TQQQ (and sometimes other 3x funds). Not a perfect list, but good enough. You can customize it yourself, and comment out some of the strategies to change which ones are displayed. They’re ordered from oldest to youngest, and as published includes only strategies started before Jan 2019 (although three from January are listed, just commented out). C2 Explorer doesn’t seem to have direct links to each public query, but the link below will get you the list of them all, just scroll down near the bottom to find #567. Feel free to ask me to update this with any strategies I should have included.


Also #569, which includes comparisons to TQQQ and SPXL.
[I edited this post to make the link work better]

Ok, I’m back. It took about two months for IRA Truck to hit the New Highs list again, and briefly yesterday (intraday) Truck hit an all-time high before retreating with the broader market.

As of July 1 the subscription price for IRA Truck will be $39 (currently $0) and as noted earlier, current subscribers will be grandfathered in for two months (no coupon needed). Thanks to existing autotrading subscribers and sim followers (>35) for hanging in there through the recent (thankfully brief) drawdown.

Much appreciate all the interest in IRA Truck, we’re now over 50 subscribers + sim followers, lots of autotrading and over $1m in AUM at day’s end today. I’ll be raising the price from $0 to $49 on July 1 and subscribers before that date get grandfathered in for two months at $0. (was going to be $39 but I forgot that C2 takes a full 50% cut).

Good luck to everyone in these volatile times!

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