Is C2 a waste of time?

>5.000 unique visitors per day

Means 5000 new visitors. unique = new. How does this equate to a scam?


I don’t think there is a better place for average investors to trade than C2. I’ve been trading through a few brokerage houses and more often than not, you get stuck to their small set of strategies that they offered. If these strategies loose money then you get stuck or have move fund to another place. C2 is a unique place where developers post their strategies for investors to choose and investors have freedom to move to whatever strategy they prefer. There is no place for bad strategies to hide since they are being recorded! There are a few good strategies to trade and investors have to choose them carefully for their long term survival. In the long run, good strategies will survive since investors want to make money and will flock to them. Who would want to be left our of good, consistent and profitable strategies? I’m happy to have been trading here so far and I tried quite a few strategies and lost money on most of them and finally settled on a few profitable ones. I think C2 is a terrific place to trade for people world wide since I don’t know other better market place. Since you are here, then you don’t know of other better places either. If you do, then why you are here??? I don’t think C2 is a scam, but it is quite an open market place on the contrary.

Hear, hear! I agree; C2 is the best trading system market I have come across and a great way for system developers to gain an independently audited public track record.

Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

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Developers do not have to come here every day!

The woman must be very charming! :slight_smile:

I don’t think C2 is a waste of time at all. There are decent systems on here, and pretty soon (within 1-2 weeks), I will be releasing [LINKSYSTEM_63143778] to the users of C2.

I don’t plan to make a living by listing my system on C2… I plan to supplement my income, and use the subscription fees to fund my investment portfolio (the same system I provide here is what I trade personally).

It might seem like there are a lot of bad systems here, and I am sure there are… but this site provides a great service, and many of the systems are real-world tradeable and profitable.

Can you share the numbers of Collective2 competitors with us, JP Investments?