Is the Forex feed correct?

I think something was changed in the forex feed. In the public details, the prices filled now were never the same as the original requested prices. But that’s not too bad since the orders were stop orders. This morning, a stop sell eur/jpy was entered. It showed that Emailed, trade filled @124.281 (1/9/09 4:18) and stop loss filled Emailed, trade filled @124.921 (1/9/09 8:30). But I have the same trades on Oanda and InterbankFX. This particular order was profitable on those two platforms because at 4:53 AM EST, the low of euro-yen was 123.97 or so. My take-profit was 124.06. It should have been filled then. But it was not, and then it was filled after non-farm payroll came out as a loss.

Could you verify the data and get this corrected?

Thank you!


Oops. I should have read the FAQs first, shouldn’t I? I have submited tickets here to report a problem for the above mentioned trade. [LINKSYSTEM_30984623]