Is there a strategy that reaches 500 followers on C2?

The stock market average annual return is 5% and Investors are satisfied with that.
How about a strategy that can generate 5% a month constantly years after years with minimal risk? That would have been 12 times better than the market and 60 times better than a bank saving account.
That is my plan as a trader and I am here to demonstrate that consistence winning is possible when it comes to trade.I am not here to compare my strategy to anyone else, but I have the dream , the plan and the knowledge to keep ti a low draw down, high performance and satisfied win ratio.
I tell you early so you do not miss the early gain. If you want to wait for 3 to 6 months, or even longer, you simply miss great win that could allow you to increase your portforlio.
Follow me what I just started and you will not be deceived.
No more than 5 trades open at once.
Stop loss at 50 pips or less.
Trade monitor and close at any given time within hours or day.
No long term or swing trade. I am a scalper.
No mix assets. If it is Forex, it will be currencies.
No more than 10 lots so any small accounts can follow the strategy.
No more than 2 trades open at once for the same pair.
My goal is to reach 200 customers if C2 really have enough Forex investors who are looking for a way to make serious and constant monthly income.
I wonder which strategies have the most followers. I trade as a passion. Trading is my life style. If I can find customers here, I will be happy to be part of the great traders.
My strategy name is Forex Street Wealth.
Here is the link:

We’re seeing the birth of the next renaissance technology right here boys


A good way to show how confident you are about your system would be to offer free trials.