Is this true?


I am worried about the following from the “Brokers” page. Isn’t this a form of theft? These advisories belong to the system providers, not C2. – How can our systems be offered to others, who can change the name for their own use (“White Label”)??? Are the system providers here being compensated for this? I accidentally found this, and never heard about it before…

Description: Did you know that in addition to the programs above, you can also offer any of the nearly 2,000 Collective2 trading systems to your own customers, from your own Web site? You can pick just one system, or many. Even better: you can “white label” each system – that is, you can make it exclusively your own. Change the system name to (for example): “Ajax Brokerage Speculative System 1” – and modify the trade sizes to better reflect your typical customer. Hide all reference to Collective2 so that you never lose your customers to our Web site.

Must be tough to all day look for things to complain about…


To make long story short. It’s true and every system vendor has a right “Do not allow additional sales of my system through White Label program”.

Also there is good explanation for system vendors about payments and their rights. (I’m not sure that the page is available publicly) So it’s up to a system vendor. :wink:


I think that Ross has a good point.

Would it mean that we, system vendors, pay our fees to C2, and then C2 could “sell” us to anyone interested, not only without our consent, but also without us profiting from their deal, and where the new system buyer would become the system owner, put whatever other name of his choice, and then resell it to his own customers, again were we, systems vendors at C2, would not profit either ???

If the answer is …yes…then…Whoaaaaaaa !



Charles, relax. Anyone who doesn’t want to make extra money participating in the White Label program can choose not to.

Further, before you have a heart attack, why don’t you actually read the description of how the White Label program works, why you should choose to participate, and how you are protected. In particular, make sure you read the section specifically geared to system developers. (This material can be found here:


I am relaxed ! I am fairly new at C2, have no subscriber, and my trading not being constant in the size or the direction, would make it hard to duplicate with a 10 or 20 k account.

I was just refering to the member who initially raised the question !