New White Label / Referral Program

I’m please to announce the very early Beta Test of our new White Label / Referral program. The new White Label program has been drastically simplified, and is open to everyone. Even better: it is completely free!

What is it? The White Label Program allows you to resell any Collective2 trading system from within your own Web site. It’s great for brokers, bloggers, software companies, etc. Even better: you share in the subscription revenue generated by your referrals. You get to keep 10% of all subscription revenue brought in through your referrals.

The program is in very early stages, and no doubt will have a few unexpected glitches. But if you are interested, check out the “White Label” link on the left-side menu bar (under the My C2 heading).

I welcome feedback and questions, as always.


This white label program sounds like a really good idea. If there are any system vendors that would like to add my signal to their web site please feel free to contact me. My signal is Target 50. I have a new signal out just yesterday Target 60. I would be more than happy to answer any questions and explain some of the charistics of each signal. There may be a market on your web site for the end of day trader. Thanks Good Luck

Just to be clear: Richard, there’s no real need to contact you (or any system developer) directly.

Anyone who wants to sell a C2 trading system from their own Web site can add your trading system to their site simply by signing up for the White Label program. Of course you, the system developer, will continue to receive the same subscription fees as you normally would, as if the subscription were sold directly through C2.

(And any system provider can opt out of the White Label program if they so desire. However, under the new program setup, there’s really no reason you should want to do so, since people can’t change your system name, or hide that you are the developer.)

To start earning 10% commissions from selling C2 trading systems, click on the White Label link (left-side menu bar, under “MY C2”).

Thanks Mathew I userstand system vendors don’t need to contact me to list my signal. I am just trying to help in any way I can. If I can answer questions about my system and clarify anything I am more than willing to do so. I believe there is a lot of fast traders using some very good signals on Collective2. If there is any way I can help them see another market for vending end of day systems than I am more than willing to help. Using end of day data to just trade on the open can be very rewarding. A very good way to supplement your day trading activities. It can help balance out the peaks and valleys in your equity rise. Good Luck

I’ve noticed that the images seem broken in the listing.

Also, will there bea way to embed these listings in another page (or should I just examine the HTML and embed them that way)?

Can you tell me which specific images appear to be broken?

Sure - the summary listing on my page references an image called:

My generated page at references an image at

This may be because the images haven’t been generated yet…

Ah. As soon as the images get generated (automatically, later tonight) the problem will take care of itself. I agree, I should probably make it handle this scenario a bit more gracefully.

“White Label” is a very good idea, Matthew, and thanks to do it.

But i have a question:

I have a blog with a lot of visitors every days (500/600 /day) and i want to create a presentation of good systems of C2… but is it possible to include mine ? … not to have 10% in more the suscription… but it’s a good possibility of advertising… sure i must precise in commentary of system that it’s my system and not have a judgement on it, only on the others…

It’s sure too that i’m ready to have not the 10% if somebody suscribes my system with my own White Label…

I’m not sure I understand your question.

If you are asking: “Can I offer a White Labeled set of C2 systems from my own blog?” then the answer is: Yes.

If you are asking: “Can I include my own system in the white-labeled systems I offer?” then the answer is: Yes.

If you are concerned about the amount you will earn when a customer subscribes to your system through the white label program, rest assured: You will earn the standard amount (the subscription price minus C2’s transaction fee) PLUS you will earn an extra 10%.

If none of these answers address your question, then please try to ask it again in a different way.

Your answer is OK for me, thanks… and sorry for my very bad english…