It is not realistic to charge >100/month for any strategy

Especially for a small account guy.

You could easily make the opposite argument and say that <$100/month is too low, especially for a big account guy.

Big account guys do not need to follow C2.

Depending on how many trades per month.
Day Trader can benefit everyday, 100/month is probably nothing.

Check this out:

It also depends on the performance. If you´re following a strategy which gains 30-50% p.a. 100$ fee is alright even for a 10k account. In the end you always have the scaling problem with fixed fees. For anyone with a 50k account almost every system on this site is cheap to follow in terms of fees. The real risk is in the trading account after all. No one should forget that. What is a cheap strategy good for if it crashes your account?

But if you´re looking for a strategy that fits small accounts and which is priced accordingly you may want to check out this one (you need roughly 11k USD starting balance):

Use this code UGSA33342 to reduce the fee even further down to 29$ for the first 3 months.