Leaderboard-New Highs for 90 days and 52 weeks

Have other Trade Leaders had their systems make new highs and not been listed on the new high list? My program NQ e-Micro Pro made a new 90 day high yesterday, but was not listed, nor were any others. However, there were 100+ 52 week highs shown, few of which came close to qualifying.

I was told by the help desk that an algorithm randomly picks strategies for the lists, but I think that is for the “New Highs” list under Find Strategies. That list is essentially worthless.

Trade Leaders paying C2 a monthly fee should expect to see their recent success rewarded with a recognition listing on the 90day/52week listing. Many subscribers use this as a way to find strategies to follow.

Six weeks later and it is the same story. My system NQ e-Micro Pro hits a new 90 day high and there is no listing on the Leader Board 90 day high list. However, there are 100+ listings in the 52 week high list, of which few qualify. Many have traded for only a few months or are not close to a new high.

Reaching a new 52 week or 90 day high is a fact, just as a new drawdown level is a fact. All stocks making 52 week highs are listed in the WSJ or other papers. It is not based on the whims of the editors, but on actual price performance. Why should Trade Leaders have to beg for this recognition?

While the new high list is not a perfect method of selecting systems, it is very helpful. It shows profitability and longevity. How many trading systems on C2 ever qualify for these lists? Not many.