Limit on delay in making system trades public

Am i too understand that the most that the public posting of trades can be delayed by is 24hrs? This is really insufficient for lower frequency trading systems.


Hi, Chris:

The current maximum delay is 3 days (72 hours).


Ok that’s better then i thought. But my point still holds that if someone has a system that waits a month for a buy signal and that buy signal is in effect for two months after that. And this would be about as infrequent as the signals would get - but in this case a limit of 72 hours is close to meaningless for that kind of system and makes it not viable to sell on this website.

My point is that one week is how long a lot of pay sites wait to publicize calls that apply in a weekly to monthly time frame.




Actually - "not viable to sell on this website" is too strong but 3 days is really pushing it.


You realize that nothing is public until X number of days after your position is closed. If you open a position and hold it for a month, nobody except your subscribers will know about it until after you close it.


Understood. It’s just that if you are trading an index the way i am, closing a position and opening are one and the same - more often then not i will flip from long to short and vice versa. I guess the idea is that you always have a posture relative to the index. A week delay in trades would better protect the value of the system - i know it’s just a difference of 4 days.