Hi Matthew

Thank you for the prompt reply/

Also, I 'd like to ask you/ Can I restrict viewing of my current portfolio.

I tried it didnt work

Can you explain a bit more about what you mean when you say you want to "restrict viewing of my current portfolio?" What specifically do you mean, what did you try, and what exactly happened when you tried it?

i do not want anyone to see my trades

It is not possible to hide your closed trades from the public, unless you designated your system as a "test system" before beginning to enter trades.

It is, however, possible to delay the reporting of closed trades by up to several days. This is useful for systems that are always in the market, long or short, and where reporting the last closed trade would reveal the current open position by implication.


part of the reason for this, is that we have hada number of past vendors who would float systems, and want to kill off losing trades. They would float a few systems, and then try to market the ones that accidentally worked and remove ones that flopped. The preference was, that if you want to hide trades, then pre-designate it a test system that would never be sold. This removes the cherry-picker systems.