Trade reporting

I have discovered that whilst it is possible to hide opened trades for x hours or days, the reporting of overall position does NOT get delayed in either the grid or in the stats section of each system page.

This could cause a major problem for any vendor who trades at a set time of the day in only one trading vehicle. A potential subscriber could simply watch the stats for their first update after market open (if the system trades at open) see how the stats have changed relative to the trading vehicle and, hey presto, system for free.

After more than 2 years on this site I can’t see how this loophole hasn’t been addressed. MK?


BUT, if you make it so the system stats can be delayed, some vendors will delay them, some won’t, so there will be a mixed bag.

From a customer point of view, the stats for all systems need to be generated at the same time. Otherwise, potential subscribers might compare system A results from last week to System B results from today.

Beyond that, there is probably a regulatory issue with having different delays for different systems, too…

I think it’s a reasonable request to allow stats to be delayed optionally in all reporting, including The Grid and “hot system” reports. I’ll add it to the to-do list. (As Nigel points out, vendors can already delay their data by X hours on their system page. This is done through the ADMIN -> EDIT function.)

I still think this is a bad and dangerous idea. Delaying stats on the individual system page, and delaying showing trades, is one thing, because that is the only system being shown at the time. Even so, I believe the graphs are not delayed - is the plan to delay the graphs also? If you don’t, one could still deduce the trade direction from the graph (even though graphs aren’t continuously updated).

Showing multiple systems in the same place with different delays will only lead to confusion. Some vendors could play games with this - they could put a 0 day delay when they make money, but change it to a 7 day delay when they lose money - thus temporarily “burying” their losses.

Part of C2’s allure, in my opinion, is the immediacy and “currentness” of the results. Letting vendors delay this feature takes away from this.


I share your concerns regarding maintaing a level playing field. However, transparency shouldn’t extend to allowing me, as a non-subscriber knowing exactly what position is held by efttimer or extreme, along with any other single market system. This is a loophole that needs closing, end of.