Manually Exiting Positions

I’m about to subscribe to 4 strategies with real money in the futures and fforex markets. Since I’m given real time updates per C2 (and of course my brokerages), if I wanted to close out positions prior to the manager closing them out, am I able to? If so, do I do it within C2 (is there an option for that) or do I do it within the brokerage software?

Will it cause any problems, especially if the trader/manager is using a Reverse Trade feature?

Or is this not recommended at all?

I bring this up, because I was watching one of my simulations today and they were up $750, which I thought was very high for this strategy and then a couple hours later it dropped down to -$230. When I saw it reach that peak, in a real world situation, I would have closed it out and took the profits.


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If you close it from within your broker you will cause a sync filter to be created which will may cause AutoTrade problems. Instead you should use the manage positions feature.

Mike, as suggested by InteractiveAssets, you can manually close positions… or make them bigger or smaller… or set your own personal stop-losses and profit targets – all through the Manage Positions screen of C2. The key point here is to use the C2 “Manage Positions” screen to make these manual adjustments. This helps our software keep track of what you are doing, and allows us to keep you in “sync” with the strategy, even though you are adding your own customization to it.