Mattew Klein

Hello Its me again, what do you suggest I do to pick up some possible subscribers? Forex Trend Reversals


Sure. If only it were easier to log in, edit, trade and especially go to the system details page of my system(s), which I am unable to do so since 8:30 AM EST (NY time).

I also wish I am able to change the message subject line when needed.

We badly need the server upgrade now, not 2 weeks from now and maybe other software enhancements like a complete re-write of the software code using Java and JSP instead of mod perl, so that each user is handled by the same session bean instead of creating a new session for each new user.

Please check with IBM whether session beans are still pratical because they didn’t seem to be in the last project I worked on. If that is still so, then I’m out of answers and pray that the server upgrade will do the trick. Please never use entity beans. All the projects that used entity beans are dead. And, they don’t seem to use session or entity beans anymore. They seem to have found a way to handle multiple users without using beans at all. I suspect it has something todo with the Apache Jakarta Struts framework.

I know patience is a virtue, but this situation seems like one has to go to sleep and forget it rather than have infinite patience. But it is all worth it. C2 is a great test bed for evaluating different trading strategies. My vision is that it could be greater with the right software tools and hardware. Afterall, where else could you find great traders and great trading systems and a great environment for developing trading systems.