Matthew - beta order-entry page comment


Sometimes, I have made comments on the beta order-entry page that seem to go off into the void, so I am posting this comment here.

For EXPIRED trades in the Trade Blotter area, could you add a REACTIVATE button next to each? The action would be to repopulate the New Order ticket with that trade, allowing the user to (modify and) re-run it. This would ESPECIALLY be useful since I have OCA orders associated with each one.

Many times, I re-run the trade the next day or later, and now I must reenter everything. I would like to REACTIVATE it, and just re-run the trade with/without a few tweaks.

That’s a good idea. Let me try to do it.

just remember, it is critical when the REACTIVATE button is pressed, it automatically resurrects any assocatiated OCA type orders (the prices should be put back into the righthand side of the New Order ticket (under "Optional - Profit Target and Stop Loss" boxes.)

OCA orders are a primary savings of this REACTIVATE button.